Innovation is our business.

The Institute for Science and Technology Communication (IWTK) focuses on innovation processes in research- and technology-centered organizations.
If you need experts for research into a specific topic, such as the “Energiewende”, or if you have to come up with new strategies to reach your goals, or if you need to translate your research into plain, non-technical, compelling language, we are the partner you are looking for.

It takes time and a great team to generate winning ideas.

Scientists and engineers are often not trained as all-round strategists or as science writers. But ours are.
So if you need to turn good ideas into great ideas, present winning strategies or write excelling grant applications, you can benefit greatly from our services.
With our assistance, you can make the right strategic decisions needed to improve your innovation culture, bring more ideas from R&D to market, or win more partners:

  1. We offer strategic consulting that is backed by sound knowledge of the scientific, technological and societal issues.
  2. We give advice and coach your team in managing and carrying out strategic innovation processes. Most of our consultants are scientists with PhDs in the natural sciences.
  3. We prepare evidence-based policies and strategic concepts that require expert knowledge of highly complex technologies or scientific research.
  4. Based in the capital of Germany, we can be your sparring partner – finding the best assessment strategies for your visions.
  5. We offer compelling documents that explain results to a wide range of decision makers.


We provide our services in the following three fields:

(1) Energy and Climate Change

(2) Information Technology

(3) Life Sciences


Curiosity is the driving force of our work. Alexander von Humboldt was already driven by curiosity, and today it is still necessary for science, research and development.

Read our new series of interviews with renowned researchers on curiosity here.

• Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Michaela Brohm-Badry:”Curiosity is the foundation for growth”.
Prof. Brohm-Badry is Professor of Empirical Teaching-Learning Research and Dean of the Department of Education, Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Trier.

Prof. Dr. Ruth Chang:”Curiosity can be the best advisor when it comes to making difficult decisions”.
Prof. Ruth Chang is Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University. Her research on “hard decisions” in decision-making has attracted the attention of her fellow philosophers, global institutions and the public. Your 2014 TED talk was viewed more than 6 million times.

Energy, IT, Health and Transport: see what we can do for you.

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