Technical Writing


Technical writing from the experts

Today, it can be very hard to find highly skilled, experienced technical writers for your project.
With our technical writing services, you will find exactly these qualities within your reach.

Technical writing is a type of formal documentation that requires both great technical knowledge (often Master’s or PhD level) as well as long writing experience. The combination of both is very rare.
While technical documentation is often written in English, experts in a certain subject are often non-native English speakers. Or they have no training in technical writing.

Formal documentation

With our hand-picked technical writers, you will have not just experts at your side that know how to write the various sections of manuals, understand complex technical issues, or write formal documentation, following the compliance requirements of your business field, but you will also gain access to the editing team and infrastructure that our Institute offers its customers.

Technical writing is a craft – it requires a huge scope of knowledge and a wide diversity of writing styles and content. Often, in-depth knowledge of auditing processes is required as well as hands-on experience with quality control and documentation procedures. Technical documents must not only follow formal standards or guidelines, but also need to protocol compliance.

Outsource technical writing

Don’t let your staff struggle with the complexities and technicalities of technical writing – outsource the project to the experts. We write according to high quality standards and use international guidelines on content and style issues. This means that we mostly work in line with the Chicago Manual of Style – yet, if your company has its own internal corporate style guide, we will work precisely according to it.
The result is crystal clear, fully compliant technical documentation that meets the requirements of your project.

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