Managing Partners

rispens _C4T0748-2 Dr. Sybe Rispens
Dr. Rispens (1969, Dokkum, The Netherlands) leads the IWTK. As Director, he is tasked with the overall management of the Institute. As a trained engineer and philosopher of science and technology, he builds bridges between the humanities and natural sciences. See his full profile here. e-mail:
Elke Mueller_web_end Elke Müller
Elke Müller (1966, Chemnitz, Germany) is managing partner and chief financial officer. She was trained as a financial expert, and her core competences are in corporate development with emphasis on structures, processes and costs. e-mail:
Thomas Peters_web Thomas Peters
Thomas Peters (1968, Neuss, Germany) is a managing partner and chief format developer of the IWTK. He was trained as an engineering technologist and communication designer. He is responsible for media communications that involve new technologies and interactive media. e-mail: