Information Technology



Information Society Services
There is hardly any field of innovation where developments happen so fast as in the realm of Information Technology. Having IT-experts in our management board gives us the ability to recognise the central issues.

One of the most important matters of our time in the field of IT is cybersecurity. Security is an issue where science, technology and society mesh in often complex and unpredicted ways. The IWTK delivers knowledge with which key stakeholders will be able to understand an enormous range of issues, varying from technical details and the science of risk management to national and international governmental rules on personal data protection.

For a recent instance of security breach, click here.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME)
Especially SMEs face great challenges in the field of cybersecurity. Eurostat figures show that, by January 2012, only 26% of enterprises in the EU had a formally defined ICT security policy [1]. The IWTK helps SMEs understand the scope and relevance of cybersecurity issues.

Excellent science and technology communication  is essential here, especially because end users play a crucial role in ensuring the security of networks and information systems: they need to be made aware of the risks they face online and be empowered to take simple steps to guard against them.

Turning vague notions of security into precise understanding of risks
IT networks and end users’ terminals are vulnerable to a wide range of threats, not least related to malicious activities, which could undermine citizens’ trust in electronic communications and, in turn, prevent a wider uptake of ICTs. The IWTK delivers in-depth and precise analyses of the issues involved. Our to-the-point strategic documents deliver precise knowledge for stakeholders in our four key focus sectors: IT, transport, energy, health.

A high level of security can only be ensured if the whole value chain (e.g. equipment manufacturers, software developers, information society services providers) makes security a priority.

Bridging the Gap between Technology and Politics
The IWTK makes complex information available to ICT managers, politicians and, in a wider sense, all enablers and users of information services. Our aim is to bridge the gap between technology and politics.

1. ICT Security in Enterprises, 2011 (retrieved: 4.2.2013)